Circular, Alejandro Urrutia’s second solo exhibition at Galería NAC,              brings together a series of pieces created after 3 years abroad. The exhibition proposes a cross between architecture and sculpture, in which circular, curved, concave and convex shapes generate cycles, wave movements formed by ridges and depressions that activate forces in equilibrium.

Transit, move and return to the beginning, to start again; that evokes each of the pieces from this exhibition, inspired by natural cycles as perpetual movements but changing: planetary orbits, day and night, sea waves, the seasons of the year, sunrises, sunsets and life itself that is being renewed. Overlapping cycles and regularities that change in permanent transformation.

Circular proposes an invitation to change and movement, to interpret the rhythm of mutations and forging new alliances that avoid stagnation; cycles that coexist influencing in the course of the other. In this way, materials such as steel, aluminium or iron coexist with others like stone, exploring new ways of cohabiting in material exploration.