Alejandro Urrutia works with the synergies between architectural and sculptural principles. After ten years as an architect he now uses the médium of sculpture to play with how architectural rules can be reinterpreted and transgressed.

He draws on the rich relationship between his two disciplines to generate new perspectives within the forms he creates and to consider how a piece relates within its physical and social context.

Over ten years his architectural studio derived its principles from his a passion for material properties, how they behave and perform. In sculpture this focus has deepened, for example, Steel sheets become the site of investigation. His sculptures have so far employed metal to do so, but he is presently experimenting with new works in stone and exploring ways of combining the two contrasting materials.




Los Angeles, Chile.

Lives and works in Copenhague.



2018-              Betafactory member |, Metal and wood workshop, Copenhague, Denmark.

2008-2016    Founder architect UNarquitectura |, Santiago, Chile.

2007-2008    Architect DuqueMotta |, Santiago, Chile.

2006                BA Architecture | Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.



2019                Selected artist GlogauAIR Residency |,  Berlin, Germany.

2017                 London Sculpture Workshop |, London U.K. Oct-Nov.

2016                 Workshop on Work Analysis and Criticism, Eugenio Dittborn | Santiago, Chile. March-Sept.



2019                 Form/ Function Be One | Sirin Gallery, Copenhague, Denmark. March-April.

2019                 YICCA International Contest Contemporary Art | HDLU museum, Zagreb, Croatia. Curator: Leila Topić Zagreb’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Jan-Feb.

2018                 Balance Solo Show | Nac Gallery, Santiago, Chile. Jan.



2019                 Future Now 2019 100 Contemporary Artists from the Aesthetica Art Prize

2018                 Art Maze Magazine Nº9 publication, curator: Kim Savage, Founder and Director of FOLD Gallery, London.

2018                 Latinoamerica Circuitos del Arte | Curator Daniel G. Alfonso.

2018                 YICCA 2018 | International Contest Contemporary Art Catalogue, curator Leila Topić.

2018                 Arte Al Límite Magazine | Edition 91, Jul –Aug, curator Elisa Massadro.



2019                 Winner art residency price YICCA International Contest Contemporary Art | HDLU museum, Zagreb, Croatia. Curator: Leila Topić Zagreb’s.

2019                Short listed Artist Aesthetica Art Prize.