The End is the Beginning is the End


Transition, movement, and a return to the beginning to start again;

In a global context of change and uncertainty, this exhibition takes place at the end of a cycle. After 3 and a half years living abroad, with exhibitions in Chile, Croatia, Germany and Denmark, Alejandro Urrutia presents at SIRIN Gallery a collection of pieces inspired by natural cycles.  Urrutia ́s latest works examine the concepts of eternal processes that in their constant transformation create their own equilibrium.

Urrutia’s previous architectural practice informs his creative mind to produce sculptures that freeze movement in time, forever unfolding, but always static in seemingly impossible forms.

The suggestion of a movement and the rhythm is running through Urrutia’s art, flowing with effortless natural motion. It seems at odds with the rigid steel and bronze materials used, but as the viewer is drawn in by the reflective surfaces and sensual curves, a balance can be found.

As night follows day, as life follows death, by their cyclical nature a rhythm emerges, but in order for cycles to complete, they must remain locked in a constant repetition.

The end is the beginning is the end.